Become a Caregiver

Care GiverWe feel we have some of the best Caregivers in the industry and work very hard to find great people then make them part of our family. We do our best to match caregivers with our clients so both our clients and the caregivers are happy and content. All of our team members are treated with the utmost respect. We know that through our caregivers, we are providing a much needed service to the senior community in Buffalo. Before we hire a new caregiver, we take the time to really know the person. Our screening process is very thorough, but fair. It’s in this way we can provide the kind of care that we’ve come to be known for throughout  Buffalo.

If you genuinely love helping people and would like to make your living as a Caregiver, why not reach out and get to know us? We’re always looking for quality people to become part of our team. Many of our Caregivers have been with us for a long time, some since we opened our doors in 2002 in Buffalo.

As a Caring Companions Caregiver, you’ll be making a difference helping those in need.

Contact us to find out more