About Us

Caregiver Assisting Senior

Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality non-medical in-home senior care possible by helping people live with dignity in their homes.

Accomplishing the Mission

By really taking the time to match the best caregivers with the right clients, we can provide the kind of individual attention that clients and their loved ones sincerely desire. This simple but very important aspect of our mission is what ADL Caring Companions is all about. We support our clients and their families by providing flexible care based upon their individual needs and requests. We are always accessible and offer services seven days a week, 24 hours a day.


Founded in 2002 in Buffalo, Texas, ADL Caring Companions has made a big impact in the communities we serve in a relatively short period of time. In its third year of operations, , the Buffalo office was ranked by the Buffalo Business Journal as one of the top ten Buffalo home health agencies. A second office was opened in Dallas in 2004

More Than Just a Business

Our president and founder, Mr. Patrick O’Hare, saw the need for top-quality assistance for the elderly through his family’s experience with his maternal grandmother who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of lung cancer. Patrick’s mother and her two sisters dropped everything to care for their mother around the clock. Though there were a lot of great stories, laughter and tears during those final days, the amount of strain it placed on the family was overwhelming. In the end, this great lady received outstanding care from her daughters until she passed away peacefully in her own home and surrounded by family.

Most families just do not have the family members and time to do this for their loved ones. Seeing a need, Patrick decided that providing assistance to the elderly to help them safely live in their own homes with dignity would be more than just a good business, and ADL Caring Companions was born.

The Franchise Future of ADL Caring Companions

With our system, we have substantially large operations in both of the major metropolitan areas we serve. With that in mind, combined with the increasing need for quality private duty home care, we decided the best way to share our dream, our vision and our philosophy was to offer ADL Caring Companions Franchises. Our franchisee selection process is very stringent as we are only looking for the right people with the right kind of attitudes and ideals. We’re looking for serious people who want to build substantial businesses. We are committed to the same level of quality in helping our franchisees that we demand of ourselves working with our clients

Our latest expansion has come through the offering of ADL Caring Companions as a franchise. We have one franchise office in Maryland that serves most of the northern rim of the beltway which runs around Washington, DC.  Caring Companions of Maryland has been up and running since early 2011. Since our offices cover some very large areas, our franchise is designed to do the same. We want to spread the Caring Companions philosophy throughout the country as we expand through franchising.